Operational Policies


Our values are safety, being result-oriented, development and honesty.

We ensure safety by keeping job sites in order and clean. We evaluate risks and aim to prevent hazards already in advance. Results-oriented work is important to us and we do things as agreed and bring them to completion on the first attempt. Everyone has the possibility and obligation to improve their performance and work environment. It is clear to us that we are always honest with colleagues and customers and always highlight facts in our activities.

Mission Statement

We are passionate about our work and want to apply our technical know-how in an innovative manner that best benefits our customers. As a partner to your company, we help you focus on your core business and be successful in it by identifying the development needs in the operational environment and by committing to implementing them. Our operations are based on a safe and sustainable development model.


Our goal is to achieve sustainable and high-quality growth. We are an effectively networked, high-quality, flexible, reliable and affordable pioneer as an industrial service provider.

Code of conduct

HTT High Tech Technology Oy is committed to conducting its business in a responsible and sustainable manner in all of its activities. We commit to being open, honest, anti-corruption, compliance with laws and regulations in all of our operational areas. The Code of Conduct contains instructions on principles, practices and our obligations regarding our business environment, employees, partners and society. The Code of Conduct applies to all personnel and following it is the responsibility of everyone employed by the company.

Following laws and regulations

HTT High Tech Technology Oy follows all current laws, regulations and provisions in all of its activities. In addition, the internally defined operational processes and procedural instructions direct our operations.

Social responsibility and human rights

We respect everyone’s human rights. We adhere to occupational legislation, collective bargaining agreements and the human rights defined in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which include equality, the prohibition of discrimination and the freedom of opinion and religion.  We support the freedom of association and all employees have the right to a member of a professional union and participate in collective bargaining agreement negotiations.

HTT is a safe workplace with equality, where bullying, threatening behaviour, harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated in any form.  All employees are equal and we offer advancement opportunities to everyone regardless of gender, age, values or other personal traits.

Health and safety

We offer a safe and healthy work environment and are committed to the continuous development of occupational safety and health. Our goal is 0 accidents. We place personnel safety first in all of our activities. We encourage our personnel to exercise and look after their well-being.


We follow environmental laws and practices that protect the environment. We constantly aim to improve our operational energy-efficiency, reduce waste quantities and protect the environment.


We do not accept bribes, corruption or money laundering in any form. We only engage in business with reputable parties, who follow laws and have obtained the funds from legal sources. We aim to be a reliable partner to all our customers. We adhere to competition legislation and refrain from participating in or conducting illegal activities.

Implementation and compliance

Every HTT High Tech Technology Oy employee is to commit to following this Code of Conduct.  The instructions are to be available to every employee. The supervisors are responsible for discussing the instructions with both new and existing employees. We encourage everyone to report potential violations or concerns to their immediate supervisor. All received incidents will be processed confidentially.