Our company was established in 1990. We became a mid-sized metal industry company through an acquisition made in 2003, which marked the start of another important development period. A business transaction made in 2010 signified the start of our company’s third growth period.

We have grown steadily since starting operations. We want to grow with the markets and become a leading company in our industry among mid-sized companies.  Our growth goal is that our turnover in 2022 would reach EUR 14 million. We aim to be the quality leader in our industry in Finland.

Our company has premises in Tampere and Hämeenlinna along with project activities in Norway. Our turnover is approximately EUR 10 million and we employ approximately 200 people annually, depending on the ongoing projects.

FPC-MANUAL SFS-EN 1090 (steel structures)

The company always employs the approved (most recent revisions) standards in order to ensure the FPC system’s effectiveness and to fulfil the quality control documentation requirements.

The SFS-EN 1090 standard also sets some requirements from the SFS-EN ISO 9001 standard. The required SFS-EN ISO 9001 (SFS-EN ISO 3834-1 section 6) standard requirements have been considered when building the FPC system.

SFS-EN ISO 3834-2

HTT High Tech Technology Oy’s operational instructions are based on standard SFS-EN ISO 3834-2 (Metal and fusion welding quality requirements:  Comprehensive quality requirements) requirements and if necessary, SFS-EN ISO 3834-5 (Required documents) in order to demonstrate the requirements for welded structures comply with specifications, product standards and official requirements in accordance with SFS-EN ISO 3834-2. The standard can be applied both at the installation site and at the machine shop.

Pressure equipment and pressurised pipelines

  • The manufacture of pipelines and pressure equipment in accordance with PED Module G and Standard EN 13480 Module A2, carbon steel in materials and austenite stainless steel and the installation, repair and modifications of pipelines.
  • HTT High Tech Technology Oy’s welding instructions SFS-EN ISO 15609-1: in accordance with 2004, welders have been qualified using a competency test in accordance with SFS-EN ISO 9606-1.
  • All pressure equipment, water pipe, steam pipe and fire-tube boiler repairs and manufacture in accordance with Module G.
  • The manufacture and inspection of pressurised and process pipelines in accordance with EN 13480.
  • Pipeline manufacturing modules
  • Good machine shop practices
  • Modules A2 and G
  • Quality control system auditor: Dekra Industrial Oy

TUKES-approved gas installation company

TUKES-approved VAK periodical inspection permit