HTT High Tech Technology is a professional and experienced service provider, which develops and offers its services to operators in the energy, machinery and metalwork industries, in addition to both domestic and foreign customers in the marine industry.

Our specialisations include demanding offshore and subsea structures, the installation and welding of production rig frame and steel structures and section installation and welding. In addition, we work demanding machinery and equipment installation that require a high standard of hygiene.

HTT is your Finnish, reliable and knowledgeable industrial partner – both today and tomorrow.

Reliable Expert

Our operational goal is to produce sustainable advantage to our customers while also considering safety, quality and the environment. We are guided by the quality requirements set by our customers’ procurement organisations and the quality control guidelines for welding. We constantly develop our operational models and services.

In our practical work, we pay special attention to being economical from a full life-cycle standpoint. We actively utilise products that conserve energy and the environment and reduce energy consumption by optimising material use and transports, for example.

Today and in the Future

Our company was established in 1990. We became a mid-sized metal industry company through an acquisition made in 2003, which marked the start of another important development period. A business transaction made in 2010 signified the start of our company’s third growth period.

We have grown steadily since starting operations. We want to grow with the markets and become a leading company in our industry among mid-sized companies.  Our growth goal is that our turnover in 2022 would reach EUR 14 million. We aim to be the quality leader in our industry in Finland.

Our company has premises in Tampere and Hämeenlinna along with project activities in Norway. Our turnover is approximately EUR 10 million and we employ approximately 200 people annually, depending on the ongoing projects.